Mr Tax Refund Launches SMS Document Delivery Method

Mr Tax Refund clients can now photograph and text their required tax documents directly to their tax consultant .

‘Its a great option for busy people on the go and will help reduce the time it takes for our clients to get their refund’ said Stephen Burns Mr Tax Refund CEO.

As from today clients can SMS us anything they need to on our new SMS number 0458 111 333


2.68 billion in Australian tax refunds made available in the last 30 days – have you got yours?

In the past 30 days the Tax Office has made over $2.68 billion available for tax refunds. Time to see Mr Tax Refund for to get your refund sent to your account in 24 hours or less!

Over 1.2 million refunds have been made avaiable at an average of about $2,200 each.

In the past month Mr Tax Refund has advanced many customers refunds much higher than this average.

If you’ve left doing your return for a number of years its even better as you may be due much more than the average $2,200. Last month one lucky client received over a refund of over $17,000 for a multi-year tax return and we forwarded $3,000 of that to his bank in 1 business day – so he was over the moon!

If you haven’t already thought about lodging a return now is the time – your refund awaits.

Contact Mr Tax Refund, and start thinking about what you’ll spend your refund on.

Mr Tax Refund Becomes 2012′s Fastest Tax Refund Provider in Australia Following Launch of Rapid Refund Payment System

Mr Tax Refund, Australia’s newest national provider of Tax Agent services today released its Rapid Refund Payment propelling them to become the fastest refund supplier in the country in 2012.

Perth, Western Australia (PRWEB) August 05, 2012

Mr Tax Refund Pty Ltd, a nationwide provider of over-the-phone tax preparation services officially launched its rapid refund payment system and announced plans to launch into the New Zealand, Canadian and US markets.

Mr Tax Refunds’ discount $79 basic tax preparation service and new Rapid Refund Payment option has proven a huge hit with the Australian public with thousands of taxpayers signing up for the service in the first month of operations.

The company has quickly established itself as a serious new player in the individual tax preparation services market currently dominated by large players H&R Block and ITP.

“H&R Block & ITP together account for around 10% or 900,000 of the 8.8 million tax returns lodged by tax agents yearly. While we are still a long way behind the big guys we believe our discount fees, convenient service offering and innovative approach to our communication will establish us as a serious challenger in this market in a few short years” said Mr Tax Refund CEO Stephen Burns.

“Mr Tax Refund has raised the bar for players in the individual tax preparation industry,” “Our clients are offered the same or better service for a fraction of the cost of our competitors as cost savings achieved by providing our services exclusively over-the-phone are passed onto our clients” said Burns. “And now our Rapid Refund Payment service will be very attractive to those who need their cash instantly”.

The company now holds accounts with Australia’s top 8 banks, Westpac, ANZ, NAB, CBA, St George, BOQ and BankWest which account for over 85% of the Australian population. This will allow Mr Tax refund to almost instantly advance funds to a client’s account following completion of their tax return. Holders of accounts outside the top 8 will still be offered a 24 hour refund advance service – one of the quickest in the market.

Mr Tax Refund is proudly an Australian company headquartered in Perth and has plans to offer its services to New Zealand by the end of the year and Canada and the US in 2013.

About Mr Tax Refund.

Commencing trading in June 2012, Mr Tax Refund is a Registered Tax Agent with a difference. The company offers its clients combined over-the-phone and online tax consulting services and annual tax return lodgment. Cost savings from not having physical offices are passed onto clients in the form of much lower fees, extended hours and additional services. The company offers Rapid Refund Payment option to clients who can’t wait for their refund from the tax office, and a ‘Double-Your-Fee’s-Back’ maximum refund guarantee. In FY 2015 it’s conservatively estimated the Company will have serviced over 100,000 customers.

An explainer video is available at and further information on company history can be found at and