When (really) is your tax return due?

Around May every year hundreds of our clients ask us ‘when exactly is a tax return due?’

It depends. There are various dates throughout the year for businesses and individuals.

In most cases, if you are an individual and one or more of your previous year tax returns were outstanding on 30 June last year, or, have been prosecuted for non-lodgement of a return then it was due on 31 October last year.

Sometimes the ATO will advise prosecuted clients of a different (usually earlier) lodgement due date. If you do get a letter informing of a specific date we strongly advise to meet that deadline.

If your latest tax return results in a tax bill of $20,000 then your return is due on 31 March 2017.

Tax returns for all remaining individuals who are represented by a registered tax agent are generally due on May 15 2017. In some cases, a short extension may be applicable but not past early June.

Even though we’ve seen fines of over $1000 for those who missed deadlines, if you appoint a Registered Tax Agent now then we can usually reverse or reduce any fines or penalties. For more information check out the full ATO due dates here.

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Here’s what our clients say about us.

Thomas Dent

I have been using Mr Tax Refund for a few years now and they have consistently delivered the best and easiest tax returns I’ve completed. After years of seeing an accountant in who overcharged and made me feel uncomfortable around my earnings and purchases, and always delivering low returns, the easy phone calls with Mr Tax Refund and good kickback have been a revelation. Big ups.

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