Stay Safe This Tax Season

It’s that time of year when every Australian is hoping to get an extra boost to their bank balance but it’s also when scammers and fraudsters are at their most active.

The ATO has released some helpful advice on how to stay safe this tax season and avoid potential traps.

Traps to watch out for include receiving unsolicited calls
-Mr Tax Refund will only contact you after you have registered on the site.

Phone calls and emails asking you to transfer money before receiving a service
-Mr Tax Refund does not require you to pay any money upfront.

Phone calls and emails asking you for sensitive information such as credit card details
- A list of documents that will be required are listed here Tax Documents

Being asked to transfer money overseas
- Whilst it is ok for a company to be based overseas tax agents operating in the Australian market must be registered with the Australian Tax Practitioners Board. If you are unsure about a company, you can check them out first.

A good way to protect yourself against such emails is to make sure your anti-virus software is up to date. You are well within your rights to question the authenticity of a tax agency and if you have any suspicions you can report them to the ATO.

Follow these tips, stay safe and start planning how to spend your tax refund!!

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