2.68 billion in Australian tax refunds made available in the last 30 days – have you got yours?

In the past 30 days the Tax Office has made over $2.68 billion available for tax refunds. Time to see Mr Tax Refund for to get your refund sent to your account in 24 hours or less!

Over 1.2 million refunds have been made avaiable at an average of about $2,200 each.

In the past month Mr Tax Refund has advanced many customers refunds much higher than this average.

If you’ve left doing your return for a number of years its even better as you may be due much more than the average $2,200. Last month one lucky client received over a refund of over $17,000 for a multi-year tax return and we forwarded $3,000 of that to his bank in 1 business day – so he was over the moon!

If you haven’t already thought about lodging a return now is the time – your refund awaits.

Contact Mr Tax Refund, and start thinking about what you’ll spend your refund on.