7 Daily Hacks to Better Tax Refunds – Day 7 (Use a Pro)

By Stephen Burns, CEO Mr Tax Refund.

Use a Registered Tax Agent to Get the Best Refund

Your Professional Tax Consultant can help you in many ways. They can:

  1. Ensure all available deductions are claimed,
  2. Help you pay the least amount of tax possible,
  3. Respond to any ATO enquiries on your behalf,
  4. Take the burden out of tax preparation.

Over 70% of Australians use an ATO Registered Tax Agent to prepare and lodge their tax return. 

It takes years of study to become a Registered Tax Agent, and constant changes in tax laws mean constant ongoing training.

The added bonus about having your tax return prepared by a professional is that the bill is tax deductible, so the money you spend on a tax agent, you will receive back the following financial year.

Recently the ATO have been pushing individuals to use their free E Tax system. Our clients have reported that the process of using E Tax can be frustrating, confusing and often results in a minimal tax refund.

By seeking help from a tax consultant you can save you time and boost your tax refund. They can also help you to put a personal plan in place to reduce your tax year on year and help you build your income and assets.

Use the services of Registered Tax Agents and Advisors who have deep knowledge of tax and are up to speed on the many changes that happen year on year.

Tax professionals will often find tax deductions and offsets you are not aware of resulting in better tax refunds. They will also minimise any mistakes that could hold up your return (and your refund) or even trigger an audit. (Audits are no fun, and can be expensive!)

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