7 Daily Hacks to Better Tax Refunds – Day 2 (EOFY Sales!)

By Stephen Burns CEO Mr Tax Refund.

Tax Time is 7 days away. In an effort to reduce the tax season headache we thought we’d give you some daily short hacks as a countdown to tax refund time.

Hack 2: See if you’ll benefit from the End-of-Financial-Year sales

Ever wonder why companies like Officeworks have end-of-financial-year sales in June? It’s because they know that people ‘stock up’ on stationery and supplies just before June 30 to claim the expense straightaway.

If you’ve had a pay rise during the year, you might have bumped up to a higher tax bracket. A tax bracket is the amount of tax you pay according to your income. The aim would be to claim as many deductions as possible to ensure you drop down into the lower tax bracket, so jumping into the end-of-financial-year sales is a massive YES.

Work out which tax bracket you fall into from the tax table below. This will determine whether or not you should buy or delay before the end of the financial year.

Tax Rates 2015-16 Source: ATO

If your income is higher or the same as last year, you might be better off buying tax deductible supplies as it could move you down into a lower tax bracket.

If your income (and tax) is lower this year and you expect it to increase next year then it’s better to hold off until next year.

It’s important to speak to a tax consultant about which tax bracket you fall into for the year and the effects of purchasing supplies or stationery in the end-of-financial-year sales.

7 Daily Hacks to Better Tax Refunds – Day 1.

By Stephen Burns. CEO Mr Tax Refund.

There are only a few times every year that we get excited about money. A part from opening birthday cards and grabbing a bargain at the Boxing Day sales, the biggest cash time for most of us is during Tax Season.

We are among the highest taxed individuals in the world; in fact, the top marginal tax rate in Australia is now 47%. If you are earning between $37,001 – $80,000 you could be paying up to 32.5%. That’s just under a THIRD of your annual salary.

This is why it’s important to make sure that you’re not paying any more tax than you have to and that you understand what tax deductions are available to you.

Tax Time is 7 days away. In an effort to reduce the tax season headache we thought we’d give you some daily short hacks as a countdown to tax refund time.

HACK 1: Keep ALL Your Receipts

This is our number 1 tip when it comes to maximising your tax refund and minimising the amount of tax you pay. Keep all of your receipts because you never know what you might be able to claim with the help from a tax consultant!

Receipts = Tax Deductions = More $$ Tax Refund


You can only claim deductions for work related expenses. If you’re an Administrative Assistant you can’t claim sunglasses and sunscreen, but if you’re a Roof Tiler you can.

You can only claim deductions incurred while performing your jobIf you are a Warehouse Worker completing a paid training course to become a Chef you can’t claim that deduction. You’ll have to wait until you become a Chef to claim.

You can claim an expense if it’s used for both work and personal use. If you use your mobile phone or internet for both personal and work reasons, you can still claim what you use for work (so keep the bill or receipts!)

Deductions aren’t added to your tax refund, dollar for dollar. They’re taken from your taxable income, which means you get a proportion back depending on your income and taxation bracket.

Whether your receipt is for $2 or $2,000 it can quickly add up over the financial year.


You can store your receipts electronically by downloading the MyDeductions App from the ATO. Alternatively, you can store them on your phone or computer by taking a clear photograph or scanning them.


Just pop your receipts in your bag, wallet or purse. From here you can toss them into a folder every couple of days. If you want to write notes on the receipts make sure you don’t use a highlighter as it can fade the ink.

After you submit your Tax Return, make sure you keep the receipts for at least 5 years. This is so you can prove your claims if the ATO asks for them.

Stay tuned for Daily Hack 2 tomorrow or if you want all 7 now download our FREE EBOOK.




Late Returns – Don’t risk it much longer. We can help today.

Tax return late? ATO on your back? Many tax returns to lodge at once?

It can be a stressful time. For some of us, lodging a tax return year after year can be a pain, and some of us just plain forget, but lodging a tax return annually is the law for most taxpayers in Australia.

The good news is it’s never too late to lodge a tax return. If you haven’t lodged your tax for a few years or you have a return outstanding it’s ok as long as you lodge voluntarily and don’t owe any tax to the ATO. If you do owe tax then you could be up for penalties interest (we can help you get those waived)

The peculiar thing is that up to 1.5 million Australians annually don’t even lodge a tax return – most of these don’t because they mistakenly don’t think they will get a refund. heaps of our clients had not lodged tax returns for many years and have received due sizable refunds. For example, one of our clients was pleasantly surprised to hear he was due over $30,000 from 9 years of unlodged returns.

The average tax refund issued last year was $1,800 which would tend to indicate there are literally billions in unclaimed refunds Australians are missing out on simply because they don’t bother to check or don’t know how to check what they are entitled to.

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Leaving Australia Permanently and Want Your 2016 Tax Refund Early?

If you’re a resident leaving Australia and will stop receiving income from Australia and are ceasing to be an Australian resident you may be eligible to get your 2016 tax refund now rather than wait till July!

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Former Nun fined $8,500 for failing to pay tax she says is used ‘to fund wars’

Very interesting story. ATO 1 God 0.

A northern Tasmanian woman who has not filed a tax return since 1996 on “religious grounds” has been fined $8,500 for failing to pay tax.

Key points:

  • Clemencia Barnes has failed to pay tax since 1996 on “religious grounds”
  • In January she was ordered to file tax returns from 2000 to 2010
  • She refused and was fined $850 for each of 10 counts of failing to comply with a court order
  • Ms Barnes says she is prepared to go to jail

Clemencia Barnes of White Hills in northern Tasmania said she objected to paying tax to the Australian Government on religious grounds because her taxes could be used to pay for war or conflict.

In January, Ms Barnes was ordered to file tax returns for the financial years between 2000 and 2010.

She refused and was found guilty on 10 counts of failing to comply with a court order and fined $850 for each count.

In sentencing in the Magistrates Court in Launceston, Magistrate Reg Marron said he had no doubt that Ms Barnes’s religious views were genuinely held, but they did not amount to a defence.

Outside court, Ms Barnes maintained she had the right not to file tax returns.

“Under the law of the constitution I have a right to object to this,” she said.

“It isn’t just me being difficult or thinking I know more than anybody else, it’s my belief that I’m allowed to have belief in God.”

She said she was opposed to armed conflict.

“The time that they actually decided to go to overseas with our young men I wrote to the department and said I can’t let you have my tax so that these young men and women [are] killed in the war on my behalf. I can’t do that,” she said.

“That’s all this is about.

“They send people to war and they get killed on our behalf, if you’re halfway decent you’re going to say that’s not OK.”

Last year Magistrate Marron warned Ms Barnes a custodial sentence was a potential outcome of the case.

“I was anticipating and I would have accepted that if that was going to happen, I would not have questioned that,” she said.

“Basically I don’t actually want to go to jail, believe me, but I will go if I have to.”

The maximum penalty for each count was a fine of $5,500 or 12 months in prison.

The court heard Ms Barnes worked as a mental health counsellor but now received a commonwealth pension.

“If they want to take it off me that’s fine because it isn’t about the pension, it’s about a belief in God and what I need to do,” she said.

She has not decided if she will start lodging tax returns and said she would also have to consider whether she will pay the fine.

Happy 2016! It’s time to get your late tax returns up to date.

Happy 2016!

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Happy New Year. Ready for your 2016 Tax Return

Ok so we are a bit early. But we’ve always been ahead of the game! Happy 2016 to all and thank you to our thousands of Mr Tax Refund clients for your patronage and support this year. We are gearing up for a huge 2016 tax return year!

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