Happy New Year. Ready for your 2016 Tax Return

Ok so we are a bit early. But we’ve always been ahead of the game! Happy 2016 to all and thank you to our thousands of Mr Tax Refund clients for your patronage and support this year. We are gearing up for a huge 2016 tax return year!

Dragging the chain in getting your tax return lodged last year? Fear not. Mr Tax Refund specialises in late tax returns, so get in touch with us next week. We make the process easy. You could be due a decent refund just in time for the January sales. Maybe you have friends or family with an outstanding tax return? We offer $10 off for all referred tax return work. Just mention it when one of our friendly consultants call.

We are open for business on Monday Jan 11.

Visit www.mrtaxrefund.com.au today.