Online & Over-The-Phone Tax Returns: It’s all about convenience!

Thinking about your past tax returns, you probably know that the task can be complicated and little boring. From collating all of your necessary documents, digging up your receipts, and performing necessary calculations – there is definitely room for error when doing it yourself.

The whole process can also take up a lot of your time, and why put yourself through that when you can have a tax agent to do it for you?

And what’s even better is that getting a tax accountant to do your tax return for you means that it will be done fast- letting you spend more time doing better things (such as planning ways to spend your tax refund!).

The way the service works is:

  • Register online
  • Send through your Tax Documents
  • Over-the-phone tax appointment
  • Sign your client agreement
  • Lodge Return!

Your tax appointment can be done over-the-phone with one of our professional tax consultants so that means you can do it in your lunch break at work, in between classes, or on the way home from work (with a hands-free mobile kit of course).

So when it comes to sorting out your tax refund, it’s best to go for the most convenient option – online!

Why You Should Use a Registered Tax Agent

Preparing and lodging your tax return can be a tricky.

The refund you claim is obviously a massive bonus, but the calculations and paperwork required can sometimes make you wonder whether it is all worth it.

This is why you should leave it to a registered tax agent to do the messy work for you, because they know exactly what you are able to claim.

Getting a tax accountant to lodge your return offers a number of benefits.

Firstly, it allows a professional to navigate the complex system of Australian taxation to prepare an accurate return for you. They can therefore find out exactly how much you are entitled to claim.

Using a registered agent, such as Mr Tax Refund, will give you peace of mind as you are using a service approved by the Tax Practitioners Board. This means these tax professionals follow strict regulations and are experts in the area, so they know what they are doing.

In addition, Mr Tax Refund offers some unique perks, such as the ability to pay nothing up front and choose their optional fast refund service, where cash can be sent to you quickly instead of waiting for the ATO.

We also offer a 100 per cent maximum refund guarantee, so if another registered agent can prove they can get you a better refund, we’ll return double your fees back to you.

Work-Related Tax Deductions You Might Not Be Aware Of

When it comes to your tax return you may be unaware of the work-specific tax deductions that could be available for you to claim. Depending on your occupation, you may find a nice surprise within your tax refund this year. We understand that lodging your return can be a nightmare if you are doing it by yourself and you could be missing out on funds that are owing to you.

There are always a few nice deductions you can claim that may reduce the total amount of tax you pay. Some of them are quite obscure and chances are you might not have been aware of what you’re entitled to.

For example, you probably knew that you could claim expenses for work-related travel. However, this also includes expenses incurred in travelling for meals and accommodation while you were away overnight for work, according to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

If your work requires you to wear specialised clothing, you can not only claim deductions for actually purchasing the clothing, but also for costs of washing, ironing and dry-cleaning it.

Regardless of what you are claiming, it is important to keep accurate records of your expenses – you’re required to keep a travel diary if you are away for work for six or more nights in a row, for example.

A tax agent can then figure out exactly how much you can claim and how much tax you have to pay.

Your Home Office: What you CAN claim

Working from home is every professional’s dream. What could be better than rolling out of bed and logging onto your computer, still in your pyjamas?

When tax time comes around you still need to lodge a tax return. It’s that annual chore that could be done quickly and easy by a tax professional like Mr Tax Refund.

On the plus side, being based at home means you can claim a few tax deductions that your friends can’t. There are a whole host of running costs that you can claim as expenses required in running your home office, according to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

These include – but aren’t restricted to:

  • Equipment such as computers and printers,
  • work-related phone calls,
  • heating and lighting,
  • repairs to office furniture and fittings, and
  • cleaning expenses.

These items are all tax deductible as long as you have paid for them.

These are strictly limited to items in your home office. As an employee, you aren’t eligible to claim for occupancy expenses, such as mortgage interest or house insurance premiums.

The ATO states that you must keep records of all relevant home office expenses, so it is a good idea to hang on to those receipts and keep a running diary of costs.

Once that is sorted out, a tax agent can make sure you are filing the correct information in your tax return.

Tax Tips for Students

As a university student, you may have a part-time job on the side to help pay for your fees and course-related costs (like books, stationery and travel).

Studying and exams are stressful enough without the added hassle of filing tax returns for your income.

Did you know that as a student, there are certain tax deductions and exemptions you can claim?

These can go towards reducing the amount of tax you pay each year, so it is important to be aware of your tax-paying status as a student.

If your study is directly related to your current job – for example, you’re taking a course to up-skill – you can claim a deduction for self-education expenses. These can cover anything from textbooks to course fees and stationery, and even student union fees.

So take some time to determine which expenses are related to your work and study, as you may be able to make a claim for these.

As a bonus, if you are eligible to claim self-education expenses, you can also get a return on some of the costs of travelling between your home, your work and your place of education.

There are plenty of other benefits you may be eligible to receive as a tax-paying student, so it pays to check with a tax agent to see what you can claim.

ATO Update – New 2013/2014 Tax Compliance Booklet

In an attempt to provide more information on tax returns and expenses that can be counted as a tax deduction, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has released a new booklet to educate the public.

With the new compliance in Focus, the 2013-14 booklet highlights issues and risks found in the Australian taxation system.

During the new tax year, the ATO will focus their compliance activities on individuals that fail to declare income or make incorrect deduction claims; participation in tax planning schemes; and the correct reportage of taxable income by wealthy people.

This means that for individuals who wish to claim tax deductible expenses they will need to keep a good and accurate record of what their money was spent on, and ensure that all income is declared accurately.

In order to improve these areas, the ATO has received funding to expand its system and capabilities.

At the same time, the ATO will also be providing more information on private health insurance rebate claims, taxable government grants and payments, and payments made to contractors in the building and construction sector.

This will help the applicable individuals ensure that they are reporting all of the correct sources of income.

Tax Returns in Cairns Officeworks


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We’re Australia’s first tax service that is online, over the phone and now in-store, we cater our services to the individual so you know that your tax return can be completed without worry. Our basic tax returns are only $99* to so why not see what the thousands of Australians are talking about and take advantage of a tax service that can work around you.

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*Advertised preparation fees are for basic tax returns only. More complex tax returns will be quoted prior to consultation.

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Some of Australia’s favourite newspapers,The West Australian and The Gold Coast Bulletin have shared the great news about our tax service.

You may have seen us in the paper over the weekend if you are living in Western Australia or the Gold Coast.

If you haven’t started your tax return already, then don’t delay your maximum refund possible – send through your tax documents today.

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Tax Returns and Education Expenses

While you are working, you may choose to boost your knowledge by undergoing training and education that is specific to your job description.

This is a very valuable thing to do, as it helps to expand and improve the skills that you possess. It can also open doors for better opportunities further down the line.

However, did you know that some of the costs that you incur for training and education that is directly connected to your current employment can be claimed as tax deduction?

So if you have undergone any education over the past financial year then you may want to think about including the expenses incurred in your next tax return!

Certain guidelines and criteria must be met in order to claim a deduction for self-education expenses. For example, the course that you participated in must maintain or improve your skill set for your current employment position.

Another situation may be if the course is going to lead onto you receiving a higher income from your position.

However, you may not be able to claim tax deductions if the course relates only in a general way to your current job, or if it will enable you to get another new job.

For further information regarding self-education expenses and help with filing a tax return, contact a registered tax agent for professional assistance.

Mr Tax Refund Most Common FAQ’s


Now that the tax season is truly underway, have a read over the most common FAQ’s we receive around this time. Get the answers you need fast by reading below.

“How long will it take for Mr Tax Refund to complete my tax return?”

Our process is simple so that we are able to complete your return and lodge it to the Australian Taxation Office as soon as possible.

1. Send Documents – You can visit our Tax Documents page on our website to see more details on which documents to send through, but once we have received and checked your documents you will receive a confirmation email. This may take a few days. After your confirmation email has been sent one of our team members will be in contact with you to organise your phone appointment. Please avoid sending emails within this period as it will delay the process.

2. Phone Appointment - Our professional tax consultants will book you in 2 hour blocks e.g 9:00am to 11:00 or 2:00pm to 4:00pm. Within that two hour block we will call you to go over your tax return, this may only take 30 minutes but we require you to be close to your phone over that 2 hour period.

3. Sign Tax Agreement - Once your tax appointment is complete we will send you a link to sign your tax agreement online.

4. Lodge Tax Return - Usually the ATO takes several weeks to process your tax return and manually mail out your refund to our head office. We will then process your refund and automatically transfer it to your bank. This may take an additional week once we have received your refund.

“How does the 24hr Fast Refund option work?”

Once your tax return has been lodged with the ATO, you will receive your advance  within 24hours. Please note that our fast refund option does not mean that your tax return will be lodged within 1 business day when you start but we can supply an advance within 24 hours.

1. Lodge your return – After you have sent back your signed client agreement to our team will lodge your tax return with the ATO.

2. Third-party lender contacts you directly - Once our team have passed your details onto the third-party lender we are unable to monitor the status of your refund. You will need to contact the lender directly for any queries.

3. Sign & send your contract with your most recent payslip – As responsible lenders, they are required by law to receive these details to process your funds.

4. Funds sent to your bank! – Please note that once your funds are transferred over, it may take several hours to clear into your account. If you are banking with the major four (Commonwealth, Westpac, NAB or ANZ) if you’re banking with a smaller institution it may take up to 3 days to clear into your account.

“What documents do I need?”

  • PAYG Payment Summary (Group Certificates),
  • List of work or self-education expenses,
  • Private Health Insurance Statements,
  • If you have a government debt – send through the current statements from the relevant department (i.e. Centrelink).

“How long will it take for my refund to be in my account?”

Once your tax return has been lodged with the Australian Taxation office it will take several weeks for them to process your return and manually mail out your refund. You can track your return via the ATO Website as well.

Please be aware that on the website it may show as processed, but it usually takes an additional 2 weeks to reach your bank. Once we have received your refund by Australia Post, we are then able to process your refund and send it to your bank.

“How do I contact Mr Tax Refund during the busy period?”

Please avoid messaging our Mr Tax Refund Facebook page for specific tax return enquiries – for security reasons we are limited in answering your questions specifically related to your tax return. This is to ensure your privacy is maintained.

During the busy tax season our aim is to process your tax return as quickly as possible. If you have any additional questions please refer to our FAQ page. To avoid waiting on the phone, send us an email to with your 6-Digit Client ID.