Time is ticking to do your tax by 31 October

The deadline for lodging your personal tax return for the 2011-2012 financial year is 31 October 2012.


If you are unable to meet this deadline you can nominate a registered tax agent such as Mr Tax Refund to prepare your tax return and lodge after 31 October without incurring a penalty.
It is always best to complete your return before 31 October and Mr Tax Refund can help you do this. Simply sign up here and one of our team members will be in touch to personally assist you. If you have to lodge your return late, you can still register with Mr Tax Refund now and contact us to confirm your full details and Tax File Number for us to register you as one of our clients with the ATO.


If you cannot lodge your return with the ATO or nominate a tax agent by 31 October, the ATO advises you to contact them as soon as possible to discuss late lodgement. However this may incur penalties.
You can call the ATO on this number 13 28 61 or see their guide to lodging a personal tax return.


Don’t let a tax refund disappear in penalty payments, register with Mr Tax Refund today, we have evening appointments to suit your availability and the average return takes only 15-20 minutes!
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