FAQ's - General Information

I’m unemployed; do I need to lodge a tax return?
If you are receiving Government benefits you will need to lodge a tax return. You may still be entitled to a refund, so by having our Dedicated Tax Consultants lodge your tax return for you, we can take the stress away and ensure you get the cash that’s yours.
I have two jobs, how do I avoid a tax bill?
You need to make sure that you are claiming the tax free threshold ($18,200) from only one of your employers. You can check with the payroll officer at your work to see if this has been done. It will mean you are paying a bit more tax from your second job, but when we complete your tax return we will let you know if you are entitled to a refund.
What is the Medicare Levy Surcharge?
If you are an Australian resident and earning over the threshold amount and you do not have private health insurance, then you would pay the Medicare Levy Surcharge. The threshold for singles is $90,000 and for couples with 1 dependent child it’s $180,000.
How long does a tax refund take?
Once we have lodged your tax return, it can take a few weeks for the ATO to process your return and send your tax refund. During the busy tax season the Australian Tax Office has said it usually takes 1-4 weeks before your tax refund is sent to your account.
What work-related expenses can I claim back?

You don’t always need to provide receipts on your expenses, but during your over-the-phone appointment one of our Dedicated Tax Consultants will let you know if you do.
What if I have investments or shares?
If you have investments, we’ll need to know how much rent you collected and any costs incurred. If you have shares and have sold any within the past financial year, you will need to provide a statement. This statement should include the date and the amount you bought and sold the shares for.