Mr Tax Refund is now closed. Our Tax Refund service will resume in Mid-June 2015.

FAQ's - About Our Service

Why Mr Tax Refund?

At Mr Tax Refund, we provide a simple and easy tax service. Our Dedicated Tax Consultants are here to get you the cash you’re entitled to with ease.

Fast, Convenient Service: We just need a copy of your photo ID and then we do the rest of the work for you. We prepare your tax return over-the-phone at a time that suits you without the messy paperwork. You don’t need to send through any tax documents as we can retrieve your information from the ATO. Once we’ve prepared your tax return we will send your summary for you to read and sign online. We then lodge your return with the ATO on your behalf.

Get a Cash Advance in 1 Business Day: Choose our Fast Cash Advance and we could send some of your expected tax refund within 1 business day after approval. Just ask during your phone appointment and one of our Dedicated Tax Consultants can see if you are eligible.

Pay $0 Upfront: Choose to have your fees taken from your expected tax refund for just $39.95.

How do I start?

Just sign up online and we will send you a confirmation email with your 6 Digit ID. From here you only need to email your photo ID to and include your 6 Digit ID in the subject line. We can then call you at a time that suits you to organise your tax return.

How long can the whole process take?

We aim to offer a fast and convenient service that doesn’t take days. So depending on how quickly you email your photo ID will mean how long until your phone appointment is organised. The phone appointment is quick and once complete, you can sign your tax return summary online and we can lodge your tax return.

If you choose our Fast Cash Advance, you could get some of your tax refund in 1 business day after approval. Alternatively it can take weeks for the ATO to process your tax return and send your refund. During the busy tax season there can be delays from the ATO, so if you have not received your refund/Notice of Assessment after 30 days, then we will let you know if the ATO has sent through an update.

How much does it cost?
Basic Individual tax returns are only $125. If you would like to pay $0 upfront and have the fees taken from your expected refund then this will cost an additional $39.95. See our Fees for more information.
What documents do I need to send?
We do not require any tax documents to complete your tax return – we only need your photo ID! We need a copy of your valid driver’s licence, passport or proof of age card.
How does the Cash Advance work?

During your phone appointment you request our 24 Hour Cash Advance. With a 24% fee of the total amount advanced, you could receive up to 70% of your expected tax refund sent to your bank in 1 business day after approval, up to a maximum of $2,000*.

*Important: Credit fees and charges apply. Subject to a credit assessment. Actual receipt of your cash advance would depend on your bank’s individual processing times. The 24 Hour Cash Advance lender is PAID International Ltd. ACN 137 044 949, Australian Credit Licence Number 390999.

Can I have your fees taken from my refund?
We can deduct the Mr Tax Refund fees from your tax refund and have the remaining funds deposited directly into your own bank account should you wish. There is a $39.95 charge to use this service.
Can you prepare multiple years' returns at the same time?
If you haven't completed your tax return from last year then we can do this for you at the same time, just send through all the required tax documents. There is a $125 fee for each tax return prepared.
Do I need to physically sign any paperwork before my return can be lodged?

When we prepare your tax return we will then email you your tax return summary with your expected refund outlined and total fees. You simply sign this document online and send the Summary back to us so we can lodge your tax return with the Australian Tax Office on your behalf.

In most cases you’ll receive a copy of your tax return along with the Tax Offices’ Notice of Assessment a few weeks later which we recommend you keep in a safe place.

How long do I have to wait for my refund?
You can directly contact the Australian Taxation Office for current wait times, but during the busy tax season it can take up to 30 days to process, however if there are lengthy delays we will be notified and then we can send you an update. To avoid waiting for the ATO, choose our 24 Hour Cash Advance where some of your tax refund could be sent in 1 business day.